Wednesday, November 4, 2009

As everyone knows, I haven't updated anything in 4ever! I've been really busy with personal family problems and school stuff. But I luv you guys who read and comment! It means alot to me! ^.^ Well, my story contest is over, here's the results video:

And the stories... their awesome! Luvs them, reads them, gives them hugs and cookies XD
(not computer cookies, warm baked chocolate chip cookies XD)

1st Place- Luna in Wonderland by: ChaosMorning
2nd Place- Never Wear a Bikini to Work by: by: lunarsnowdrift
3rd Place- My Stolen Heart by: MistyandAshforever
4th Place- Perfect by: Sunnyforever1234

Haven't drawn the pictures yet, since I let them choose this year.
Finished the sketch for the request of a couple in a rain of blue feathers. Just have to color... Hopefully I'll have more free time...

HMFarmForever- signing out! ^.^

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Story

I'm writing a story about Luke and Bo! That's right girls Luke!

Click Here
to read it!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Contest Results

~Contest Results~
Click Here to Watch!

1st Place: “Love’s Peril” By: IrukaLucia
2nd Place: “One More Love Story” By: harvestmoonlover4160
3rd Place: “Confused Love” By: Mikaela Illies

Here are the links for the different stories:

-"Love's Peril"

-"One More Love Story"

-"Confused Love"

Link to prizes (AKA: pictures, videos were lost *.*)


-"Moonlit Night"

-"Broken Skye"

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Harvest Moon Island of Happiness Help
These are NOT CHEATS, they are guides
And I came up with these on my own

Chen's Upgrade

Okay... I am on Year three in my fist file, AND I STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN CHEN'S UPGRADE!!!

But I finally figured it out.
There are two ways you can get this...
The Easy Way
The Hard Way

The Easy Way:
Step 1: Get 50,000G or more
Step 2: Go to Chen's Shop and Buy 5 of these alt="" />
Step 3: Make sure you say "Equip", it makes things easier.
Step 4: Now out them in your hands

Step 5: Now Sell it back to Chen (50,000G for 5)
Step 6: Now repeat steps 2-5 20x. (50,000x20= 1,000,000)
Step 7: Be sure to keep track of how many times you do this
Step 8: Finish your day, then go to bed.
Step 9: In a few days, You should see Chen's Shop Get Nicer
Step 10: Walk into Chen's Shop (on any day other than Friday) and get "Remodeling event.

Hard Way:

Step 1: Get 1,000,000G *.*
Step 2: Go to Chen's Shop and buy 1 of these

Step 3: Now sell it back to him 1x.
Step 4:In a few days, You should see Chen's Shop Get Nicer
Step 5: Walk into Chen's Shop (on any day other than Friday) and get "Remodeling event.

The reason this way is harder is cause it is VERY DIFFICULT for some people to earn 1,000,000G
Now this is helpful cause you don't loose 1,000,000G at his shop.

Chen's Remodel:


Monday, November 24, 2008


I got Island of Happiness for my fourteenth b-day.
At first I was gonna marry Vaughn, but then I met Shea (Siba)! ^.^

And I fell in LOVE...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Harvest Moon Story Contest!!!

It's HMFarmForever's First Contest!
HMFarmForever's Story Contest!

I am hosting a Harvest Moon Story Contest! You write a story about Harvest Moon (see rules) and e-mail it to me! My e-mail is Here are the rules:

1. It must be about Harvest Moon

2. Nothing Sexual ( the most you can have is them kissing)

3. You must have them sent to me by the due date. The latest I'll accept them is at
midnight on 12/01/08.

4. Please type your story in either Notebook or Microsoft Word (or what ever you have) and then attach it to the e-mail. Or if you can't attach anything just have it in the e-mail.

5. the "Subject" should be "Story Contest"

6. I am judging on the content and the details on the story.

7.Due Date: 11/30/08


1st Place: I will make a Harvest Moon Video in your honor about your story. I will also draw a picture of the Main Characters in your story. You will also win your choice of one of the

2nd Place: I will draw a picture of the Main Characters in your story and I will make you a Harvest Moon video of your story.

3rd Place: You will get a picture of the main characters in your story or a video of your story. You choose.


You get your choice on the following:
(Depending on Availability)

Click here to watch the video for this!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Island of Happiness

I am so happy!!! I just got "Harvest Moon Island of Happiness" for my birthday!!!
I couldn't find a guide that could hep me get Vaughn so I decided to make one! (p.s. this will be edited depending on my process)

Getting Vaughn

Step One: Get Fishing Pole

First you must get the fishing pole from Taro. To do this you must give him a present every day (excluding the day you meet him) so I gave him a colored grass (or if you can a vegetable) every day. He won't except more than one a day. Also talk to him 2-3 times a day. Eventually ( I got it on Spring 10th or 11th) he will give it to you (and a free lesson!) Step One is now done!

Step Two: Getting Denny

For Vaughn's heart event, you need Denny (as in most of his events) so you need to catch 50 fish A.S.A.P. , I started by catching 10 fish a day (*note: you don't have to catch fish, fish bones and garbage you get from fishing count too!) So... you SHOULD get Vaughn the day before Denny (If you ship 50 fish by then) but he won't stay till Wednesday. So now you have Denny (*Bachelor) and Vaughn (*Bachelor) . Good Luck!

Step Three:

Sadly now, you basically only have one or two things that he likes, but it takes a LONG time with them.
*Chocolate, Eggs,(and Shitake Mushrooms in the Fall)- 1 WHOLE YEAR JUST TO GET A PURPLE!!!

*TIP: In the Fall save ALL of the Shitake Mushrooms you can get your hands on. DON"T SELL ANY AND THEY SHOULD LAST YOU ALL WINTER*

And until you get a cow, it literally takes FOREVER to get his affection points up.

Here are how much each gift is worth in AP points for Vaughn (from



Milk + Rice (Main Course recipe)


Milk, Shiitake, Matsutake

Hot Milk, Grilled Mushrooms, Grape Soda

Really Likes

Pirate Treasure, Fodder, Yarn, Fish Fossil, Eggs, Cheese, Chocolate, Bird Feed, Butter, Pet Food, Mayonnaise, Yarn, Yogurt, Edamame

Ice Cream, Apple Pie, Strawberry Milk, Omelet Rice, Omelet, Orange Marmalade, Spa-Boiled Egg, Bodigizer XL, Hungerizer XL, Mushroom Rice, Foiled Mushroom, Cream Croquette, Corn Flakes, Jam Bread, Spaghetti, Egg Over Rice, Egg Soup, Cheese Cake, Cheese Fondue, Bodigizer, Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Fondue, Tofu Steak, Toast, Donuts, Pineapple Pie, Dinner Roll, Hungerizer, Banana Juice, Bread, Bread Crumbs, Pizza, Grape Jam, Grape Juice, Raisen Bread, Pudding, Fruit Smoothie, French Toast, Pancake, Hot Chocolate, Popcorn, Matsutake Rice, Mixed Smoothie, Fried Egg, Peach Juice, Baked Apple, Boiled Egg, Lassi, Apple Jam, Apple Juice


Red Magic Flower, Blue Magic Flower, Fall Sun, Adamantite, Oil, Amethyst, Alexandrite, Emerald, Golden Lumber, Orichalc, Turnip, Pumpkin, Cabbage, Cucumber, Gold Ore, Silver Ore, Junk Ore, Mythic Stone, Fish (S), Yam, Sandrose, Material Stone, Fish (L), Diamond, Onion, Fish (M), Toy Flower, Copper Ore, Topaz, Summer Sun, Spring Sun, Pinkcat Flower, Pink Diamond, Winter Sun, Peridot, Spinach, Flourite, Mystrile, Moonstone, Moondrop Flower, Agate, Lumber, Ruby

Yam Rice, Onion Soup, Boiled Spinach, Rice Cake, Carpaccio, Pickled Turnip, Steamed Turnip, Insalata di Caprese, Cooked Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pudding, Pickled Cucumber, Sweet Yam Dumpling, Herb Soup, Corn Soup, Boiled Fish, Salad Spaghetti, Yam Pudding, Buckwheat Chips, Mountain Stew, Soy Milk, Natto, Spring Roll, Rice and Beans, Marinated Fish, Baked Yam, Roasted Rice Cake, Vegetable Smoothie, Tofu Skin, Stuffed Cabbage


Indigo Grass, Blue Grass, Red Grass, Empty Can, Stone, Stick, Elli Leaves, Yellow Grass, Black Grass, Fish Bone, Weeds, White Grass, Orange Grass, Toadstool, Tomato, Rubber Boot, Eggplant, Lithograph, Bell Pepper, Bottle, Green Grass, Purple Grass

Onion Salad, Pumpkin Soup, Carrot Juice, Mochi Mix Natto, Gem Natto, Herb Salad, Red Flower Mix Natto, Salad, Failed Dish, Mix Natto, Fish Natto, Tomato Salad, Miso Eggplant, Chop Suey, Dairy Natto, Grilled Eggplant, Stir-Fried Veggies, Vegetable Juice



(I now have him on a blue heart, for heart and rival events click on the "click here" below)


For more "Harvest Moon Island of Happiness", click here.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My blog has been remodeled!!!

It's better than "While You Were Out", it's better that "What Not to Wear"... Well maybe not to everybody, but to me it is!!! What do you think of my remodel? You can Vote to "CHANGE IT!!!" or "Keep it!" Ofcoarse answer truthfully, I won't be hurt if you hate it. Also check the Kai and Gray debate!!! There's Lots of fun awesome stuff!!! So check it out!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Harvest moon ds guide

This site gives you all the info you need to know about "Harvest Moon DS Cute! From Bachelors to Babies, From Best Friend's to Enemies. Click Here!!!

My Harvest Moon Story

The Ladies Man

“Few!” I said as I raised by hoe up. “I’m finally all done.” I said as I looked at my beautiful yard. It was weed less, fenced in, and was full of ripe vegetables.

“Oh No!” I said looking down at my watch. It was 9:57 pm. The party started at 10!

I quickly ran into my house and took a shower then dressed in my best overalls, the dark blue ones, and ran out the door, down the street to the Inner Inn.

“Hey Everyone!” I said as I walked through the door. I was on time by some miracle.

“Wow Jack! For once, your on time for something!” Popuri joked.

The girls had put together a party for me for my birthday.

“My mom and I have been working all day on this.” Mary said as she brought in a huge cake.

It was a vanilla cake with chocolate icing and strawberry flowers all over it.

“Reminds me of how my farm looked today.” I laughed to myself.

After we ate pizza and cake the girls gathered round my table and looked straight into my eyes.

“So Jack. Have you made your decision yet?” Ann asked me.

“ We’ve were j-just curios.” Elli said blushing.

“Well I already know what his answer is.” Karen said proudly.

“He doesn’t have to answer yet.” Mary said looking down at the table.

“Well I want to know now!” Popuri yelled.

I blushed; all of the girls liked me, ever since I first moved in. I just want some friends; now all of the guys hated me because I was a ladies man.

“Uh…” I said.

Oh no! If I try to tell them who I love, their all gonna kill me! What am I gonna do? This is worse than being attacked by wild dogs!” I thought.

“He’s mine!” Karen yelled at Ann.

“No he’s not! He was just about to tell us that he’s mine!” Ann said.

“P-Please. L-Let’s not fight.” Elli said nervously.

“I-I have to go home and work on my book. See you tomorrow Jack.” Mary said running out the door.

“Thanks for the cake! It was delicious!” Jack yelled to Mary.

Mary blushed and then left.

“I have to go home or Rick’s gonna throw a fit. B-Bye Jack.” Popuri said as she left.

“Gr! I’m gonna pound your face into the ground!” Karen yelled.

“Not if I do first!” Ann yelled back.

“Let’s go.” I whispered to Elli.

We left the Karen and Ann fighting at the Inner Inn.

We went to the beach and sat down on the dock looking out at the sea.

“Jack…” Elli said blushing.

“Yes? Is something wrong?” I asked.

“N-No. I just wanted to apologize for our behavior. We shouldn’t of pestered you…” Elli said looking down.

“Elli…” I said reaching towards her.

“ I-I’m so sorry. We ruined your birthday…” she said soberly.

“Elli. You didn’t give me a chance to answer.” I said.

She looked up at me with her face full of tears.

Your the one I love Elli.” I said smiling.

Elli’s face was suddenly full of different emotions. She looked happy, shocked, pleased, embarrassed, and loving all at the same time.

“I-I l-love u-u t-too J-Jack…” she said as she blushed.

I walked her home and gave her a wrapped box before she left.

“Tell me if you like it when I see you tomorrow.” I said.

She hugged me then went inside her house.

I walked down the street and smiled; by next week, I would be a new man.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Welcome H.M. Fans!!!

Harvest Moon Rocks! There are SO many of them! But I LOVE them all!!! here you can find info on different Harvest Moons. I will also give you links to my favorite. H.M. websites! See u bloggin'! Remember Harvest Moon Forever!!!

Welcome to Harvest Moon Farm Forever

What's New?

>Stories at: FanFiction

>Pictures at: DeviantArt

>Videos at: YouTube

>Preparing for HMFarmForever Story Contest 2009 ^.^
(link not available yet)